Jemena transports electricity to homes and businesses in Melbourne’s north-west. We build and manage infrastructure including the power poles and wires that bring electricity to customers.

Electricity distribution network

Every day we help deliver electricity to over 350,000 homes and businesses across north and western Melbourne, plus more than 77,000 local streetlights.

Our electricity network is one of five electricity distribution networks in Victoria. We are the sole distributor of electricity in north-west greater Melbourne.

Our role is to deliver electricity when our customers need it. We build and manage the infrastructure that transports electricity through more than 950 square kilometres of Melbourne’s north-west suburbs, and provides energy to support businesses and critical infrastructure such as Melbourne Airport, which sits almost in the middle of our patch.

Anyone who is currently connected to the electricity distribution network in our area is a customer of ours. We also connect new customers and provide distribution services to other groups like property developers, landlords and businesses of all sizes, from sole traders through to large energy consumers such as Melbourne and Essendon airports and hospitals.

All in all, our distribution area covers approximately 12 per cent of the population of Victoria.

Reimagining the future of our electricity network