Small to medium business customers

Our small to medium business customers over 30,000 diverse customers across north and western Melbourne.

Small to medium businesses in our network are a vital part of our rich and vibrant communities. Small businesses are classified as having 5-9 employees, while a medium business is classified as having 10-199 employees.

Small to medium businesses include a large mix of sectors and professions, for example:

  • accommodation and hotels
  • agriculture
  • bars, clubs and breweries.
  • cafes, food stalls and restaurants
  • clothing
  • consultancies
  • entertainment and music
  • florists
  • furniture building and restoration
  • printing and design
  • real estate
  • retail
  • small goods, delicatessens and butchers and many more!
Footscray market

Understanding the needs of small and medium businesses

Small and medium businesses have different unique circumstances and ways of operating, including different working environments, retail spaces and office locations.

We are want to capture the views of small and medium businesses for our Regulatory Price Reset for 2026-31 so they have an opportunity to:

  • be involved in engagement activities
  • shape our five-year regulatory price reset proposal
  • provide feedback and input on their energy priorities, preferences and challenges
  • shape the future of our network.

We understand that small and medium business owners are often time poor and require well planned and convenient ways to provide input.

We will be engaging through:

  • Small and medium business surveys
  • Drop-in engagement sessions
  • Dedicated small to medium business forums.

Through our engagement we will cover topics such as:

  • Pricing, billing and understanding energy
  • Reliability and quality of supply
  • Security and data access
  • Innovation, demand management and trials
  • Future energy network.

If you'd like to contribute your feedback or be a part of engagement events and activities, you can register your business here.

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