People's Panel

To make sure customers have the opportunity to influence electricity distribution costs over the 2026-2031 five-year period, we will assemble a ‘People’s Panel’, comprising of a cross-section of our electricity customers in our network.

A People’s Panel is a group of community representatives coming together to learn about energy, discuss issues and provide feedback over a select number of sessions. The panel includes 50 participants who represent the diversity of the community in north and western Melbourne.

This approach that provides a way for ‘everyday citizens’ to work through complex matters, including difficult trade-offs that are involved in policy making.

The People's Panel is an important part of ensuring customers have the opportunity to provide recommendations that will directly impact the prices they pay and the services they use.

Jemena's People Panel from 2019

What do you see as pivotal to the success of a People's Panel?

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Moderation Policy

Our People's Panel members for our Electricity Networks engagement program from 2019 were recently reunited.

Members like Shaella, Jane and Alex are helping to shape proposals that can help manage the challenges for our next regulatory submission to cover 2026-2031 and beyond.

Hear their views on what it’s like to be part of Jemena's People’s Panel and wider group.

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